For a lot of travellers, the subject of how to get to and from the airport can often be a difficult choice. Considering the importance of arriving at the airport in plenty of time for your flight, this is probably the most important part of the journey to get right!

There are many good and reliable taxi companies, but it can still be a little bit hit and miss, especially at busy times when the cars are under pressure to get from one job to another. I know also, from personal experience, the standards of some cars and drivers can also vary a great deal and this can make for a less than exceptional journey.

What is different about a chauffeur car service anyway!!

Chauffeur car and Executive taxi services generally operate on a job by job basis, that is to say, a car is allocated to a particular job in advance which means plenty of time is factored in to allow the car to arrive on time and usually before the actual booked time.

The cars are given special dispensation from displaying any sort of taxi signs and logos so they do not look like a taxi. Drivers are very professional and understand the needs of clients, they will be dressed in a suit shirt and tie, provide help with luggage to and from the car, open doors for you and provide a peaceful and quiet environment so you can enjoy your journey.

A chauffeur car service has to be more expensive ?

Cost must be a major factor, but a better question to ask would be, is the service better value for money? I would answer yes to this second question. The cost may be a little more than using a standard taxi but the added value provided far outweighs the additional cost.

Gone are the days where only the rich and famous would use a chauffeur car, the connotations of the term CHAUFFEUR perhaps provide an old-fashioned image of a driver in leather boots wearing a cap. Maybe a more appropriate term to use would be an EXECUTIVE TAXI SERVICE, a nice clean and comfortable car, smart polite driver who will help you with your luggage.

So next time you need to get to the airport why not give a local chauffeur car company a try, you may be pleased you did!